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Best Canon EOS 5D III Bundle & Deals in 2018

Looking for the best Canon 5D III bundle?

A lot of bundles come with a ton of low quality stuff because many beginners don’t really know what they will need. This is why we looked through all bundles available and removed those with bad lenses or otherwise useless equipment.

Plus, in some deals, you might get bad memory cards or batteries that could potentially damage your camera.

These are the best bundles (lowest to highest price):
Canon EOS 5D III Bundle 1 – Check the price
Canon EOS 5D III Bundle 2 – Check the price

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Canon EOS 5D III – Bundle 1

Canon EOS 5D III Bundle 1 –Body with accessories

  • Canon EOS 5D III Body
  • Lexar 64GB 95MB/s Memory Card
  • Polaroid Shotgun Microphone
  • Video Body Stabilizer
  • LED Light
  • Camera Bag
  • Extra Battery
  • See everything included here

Since the 5D III in this deal costs exactly as the body only, you get all of these items for free. The memory card, bag and an extra battery worth it, while the LED video may prove to be useful if you need some simple video light. The stabilizer and microphone are okay, but nothing too professional. Still, since you’re technically not paying for those, you can either give them to someone else or have them as backup.

You can buy it here at Amazon.

Canon EOS 5D III – Bundle 2

Canon EOS 5D III Bundle 2 – The kit lens and a ton of accessories

  • Canon EOS 5D III Body
  • Canon EF 24-105mm f/4-5.6L IS USM
  • Transcend 32GB 400x CF Memory Card
  • Camera Bag
  • Battery Grip
  • Extra Battery
  • Wireless Remote Shutter
  • See everything included here

If you don’t already have a kit lens, the 24-105mm L is a great all-around versatile option. It’s lightweight, has Image Stabilization and good image quality. Since this deal costs as much as 5D III + 24-105mm alone, all extra accessories are really free. The battery grip, extra battery and a remote are great to have, while the memory card is somewhat okay. Transcend is a good brand, but this card specifically is not really the best option for your 5D III.

You can buy it here at Amazon.